OSS/BSS Consulting


  • OSS/BSS Review
    • ​Lower your cost using your existing tools with Process Improvement
    • Workflow and Process Engine App with rules ,included with Process Improvement Consult

    • ​Build the RFP
    • Run the Process
    • Review Responses
    • Oversee Implementation

  • Support for your current OSS/BSS Platform
    • ​Develop new Agents and Device Drivers
    • New Process Flow Applications
    • Provisioning Applications

Jim Odom - Managing Director

Mr. Odom has 30+ years experience in designing, building and managing Next Generation OSS/BSS Solutions.

NetBoss Technologies - 5 Years - Founder/CEO/President

  • Acquired Aviat Networks NMS IP
  • Eureka Growth Capital funded
  • Launched NG NetBoss XT OSS
  • Acquired NG RCA Correlation Engine 
  • Acquired NG Telco Analytics Platform
  • Led Successful Exit to Enghouse Networks

Martin Group - 10 Years - CEO/President

  • TA Associates/Summit Partners funded
  • Launched Omnia BSS Product line
    • Omnia name OSS/BSS Product of the year
  • Led Successful Exit to CHR Solutions


Harris Corporation 20+ years - VP Network Solutions

  • Telecom Software Developer
  • Designed and Launched NetBoss OSS Product Line

Let me use my insider OSS/BSS knowledge to insure you get the best solution for the lowest possible price !